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Jim in NC, Appalachian Mountain Brewery

One of the larger Breweries in Boone. AMB (check out the beer domain)

They do a good job on beers, ciders and sours. You can find them in all of the local bars, beer stores, and grocery stores in the area. a Very large open cover area that opens to a much larger yard with tables, games(corn haul, horseshoes, etc.) Everybody gathers there on the weekend for fun. Multiple food trucks to supply munchies for every taste.

Lots of painted folk art murals on the walls showing natural attractions in the area. Very homey rustic setting. Lots of taps. They don't do flights on the weekend because of the crowds.

So I had to choose what would be the best. Wife had a kolsch, I had a cherry gose and a sour cider. Last time I was there I had two flights and enjoyed every bit of it.

Beer is brew on location here, but ciders are done at a different site.

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