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Jim in NC, Blind Squirrel Brewery

Last weekend I was in Plumtree, NC at the Blind Squirrel Brewery. They have a nice brewery there with an interesting story. I was there last year and it was a medium size brewery with distribution to all of the local bars, grocery stores and beer outlets. They also had a winery, made ciders, restaurant, lodge, zip line, rafting and many other activities. Sort of a one stop place for the weekend. This year all of that change. It was a family run business and some of the family left.

The parents had to downsize the place. Restaurant close, open later with a food truck.( no staff, inventory, inspections and no problems). Brewery, winery, cidery close, equipment sold off. they also downsize or close many of their other activities. A few months ago they reopen the brewery only on weekends. Now it is just a brewpub with a food truck and lots of floor space.

They do have a lot of guest beers along with the ones they make. They ask not to do pictures of the brewery So I will just give a written short report. Ther system is very close to an advance homebrew. The brew head looks very close to Fred's before he raspberry it up. Same controllers with the hot water tank underneath where pumps move wort through for heat control. Boiler off to side. They do everything in 6 gallon carboys. Their plans are to move up to 45 gallon plastic cone fermenters that they just purchase. I love the fermentation closet. Yes it is a walk in closet with shelving on the wall holding 3 levels of carboys.

Beers taste clean. The two I had had the bar was a peach and blueberry infuse fruit beer. The hazy IPA in the brewery was very tasty, lots of hops with citrus and grapefruit character.

I love these squirrel nut taps.

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