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Jim in NC, Mica Town Brewing

Mica Town Brewing at small brewery in Marion, NC. It has a mining theme throughout the brewpub. They do almost a dozen beers on tap.

Staff very friendly and know their beers, Dog friendly as log as they stay outside on the porch. There was a yoga class going on in their activity room. We were there at noontime and it started to fill up very quickly.

They use a brew in the bag system. Where the mash is in a stainless sleeve inside the kettle and for sparging it is pulled up and allowed to drip. Then rinse and dump. The sparge is left in the kettle and becomes the brew kettle. The smaller stainless bags is for hops or flavor additives(fruit, spices) later in the boil. They have 2 systems next to each other and they are piped so they can do 2 barrels at the same time.

I should learn to take pictures of samples before I taste them, but they were so good. Most of the beers up here are very clean and crisp. These trays are heavy and got hot out on the porch. The beer was gone before any damage was done.

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