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Jim In NC

Hey Guys, I sure do miss you. I have been all summer up here in NC. Actually it is the northwest section near the Tenn/Va border. Between Asheville and Boone, just off the Blue Ridge Mountain Highway. The call it the High Country up here.

I have been spending most my time by working on a house that need far more work then I have planned. Some fly-fishing, Still catch more trees then rainbow trout. Hiking to various waterfalls.

If you look real close (zoom) in at the top center you can see little people. Also visiting a lot of breweries and wineries that are local to here. Craft beer, just like Florida has exploded here. Lots of breweries are opening up. I am going to visit many of these and give a little writeup so you can join me in my travel log( ohh no, he said the t-word) this blog is way better a little bit at a time verse a whole meeting of slides and pictures. I will think of all you as I sample various beers and wines by following the brewers guild map.

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