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April Cheers for Charity

Join HAMS at Calusa Brewing on April 15th in supporting Everyday Blessings, Inc. Weeks ago HAMS members joined the talented brewers at Calusa and brewed up a lovely blonde wort. Members then took gallons of this liquid gold home and provided a variety of treatments. The result: a diverse variety of delicious beers for all palates. Come on in to the Brewery, stop over at Everyday Blessings' table, learn more about their mission: providing care for and keeping foster siblings together until they find their permanent home. We only ask you drop them a donation ($5-$10 suggested, but any amount is appreciated) or bring items from their wishlist. Then come on over and sample some beers! Want to do more? Visit their web page to see the many ways you can help this wonderful organization care for children:

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