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Regular Joes

We'd like to give a big round of applause for our brewers at JDubs “Dubfest” Pros vs. Joes competition this past February!

HAMS regular Michael Dregar took not only the Best Joe trophy, but Best Overall—beating out a very strong showing of both Pro and Joes at the event.

Representing HAMS:

Scott Huffman: Smoked Chiptole Porter

Henry Vollmer: Harold’s Pale Ale

Scott Trefethen: Dark Shadows, Dark Rye Wild Ale

Joel Farabee: G&T Lager

Justin Banister: Pie Graf a la mode (Belgian Dubbel) w\apple cider, cinnamon, vanilla aged on bourbon oak)

David Olson: Not Joe Daddy’s Ginger Beer

Mary Habas: Conan Mouth Hug Milkshake double NEIPA

Great work from all our brewers!

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