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Getting to Know: The Wildlife Center of Venice

On January 20th, those who brewed at Brew Life will be supporting local charity The Wildlife Center of Venice.

From their website: “The Wildlife Center of Florida was “born” on January 1, 2004. It was the long-time joint dream of founders, Kevin Barton and Linda Schrader. It was officially incorporated in March and became a non-profit agency in July. WCV has all state and Federal permits to care for and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

The wildlife hospital, the heart of the center, is located on 5 acres of land in Venice, FL belonging to Linda Schrader. Several wildlife hutches, pre-existing animal barns, squirrel habitat, a songbird aviary, and a raccoon habitat round out the main facility. A pond serves as a water fowl rehabilitation area. The center’s secluded location is ideal for wildlife recuperation.”

With approximately 150 volunteers, the Center takes in about 4500 animals each year, rehabilitating and releasing 3600 of them. Hurricane Irma alone, this past year, brought in 150 baby critters, some so young their eyes were still closed. Our beloved Florida waterfowl, birds of prey, reptiles, and even large mammals are taken into the Center.

If you ever come across an animal in need of help, the Wildlife Center is available (941) 484-9657 during the day or (941) 416-4967 for emergencies. They are open 7 days a week, 9am-8pm.

If you want to know more, schedule a visit! You can also check their Facebook page or website at