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HAMS lives the Brew Life

It was another beautiful Sunday morning.

With little fanfare, seven men passed through the glass door with hands full of empty vessels and heads full of ideas for what was to come.

It was a Brew Life Brew Day.

Tommy Harris, brewer extraordinaire and all around nice guy, had prepared a special recipe for the day’s adventure… roasty malts, freshly cracked grains, a little hop, and a lot of magic. The concoction would become the base for a sweet stout, with each individual’s creative touch for the finish.

As most of our seasoned members know, whenever we do a Brew Day, we like to give back by providing a Sampling Event at the Brewery where the wort was born. At the event, we highlight a local charity and ask that those partaking in the Sampling make a donation directly to the Charity, who will be onsite.

This sampling event will be held on January 20th, benefitting the Wildlife Center of Venice. The Center is always in need of cash donations ($5-10 suggested). You can also visit their website if you wish to bring items that are in continuous demand (such as milk replacement, food, blankets, etc).

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