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HAMS at Best Florida Beer Championship

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of tasting a mead crafted by Arn Olsen immediately knows that he has a special talent for the ancient honey elixirs.

This past October, Arn proved himself against some of Florida’s best, bringing back the medals from this year’s Best Florida Beer Competition at 81Bay Brewing Co. in Tampa.

In the Traditional Mead category, Arn scored 40.5 for a Bronze with his Wet Summer Honey Mead “Eimar Smead”.

In Specialty Mead, “Clara”, an Orange Blossom Bochet brewed during HAMS President Day event, took Gold with 40 points and Best in Show Bronze.

Other notable entries for the event include:

“Hildegarde” Wet Honey with raspberries for 37 points. Enough for second round, but no medal.

“Nissenized” Orange Blossom Honey, blackberry, and chamomile for 29 points.

”Lloyd” Palmetto Honey and Middle Eastern date syrup for 32 points.

Congratulations, Arn!

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